Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my lights will fit properly?

We make the custom Christmas light process foolproof with consistent customer communication and our comprehensive support team. Should you have any questions pertaining to measuring or installing the product we are just a simple call or email away. our around the clock service team will troubleshoot the issue accordingly to provide a fast and effective solution.

What if my lights do not work? Is there any warranty?

We have an industry standard warranty with all our products. Should any product be defective within the warranty period please contact and we can accommodate a replacement and or refund.

Custom Christmas lights? Seems expensive?

While you may think that a custom setup may be more expensive, buying a custom fitting kit can actually save you money. In many cases purchasing from a box store has overlap and does not include expensive extension cords and timers. Our kits include everything you need to operate and ensures that you only pay for exactly what you need. You will also save time eliminating return trips and headaches will our simple to follow instructions.

Why should I buy custom Christmas lights?

If you have ever been to a large box retailer you will know that making a light strand fit to your roofline can be quite the daunting task. With a custom Christmas light setup, we take the guess work out of the project. Our team of trained installers are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your project. No more dangling cords or imperfect strand lengths. Our custom Christmas light products are designed to be cut and fit perfectly to any roofline imaginable for a clean and professional look.


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