Three Easy Steps to a Perfect Christmas Light Set Up

“I normally go away during the winter but because of Covid-19 I’ve had to change my plans and will be home for my first Christmas season in years. I’ve never set up my own lights before and am not a skilled designer, is there a simple way to do this?”

With the days becoming shorter and the weather becoming colder that only means one thing. The holiday season is upon us and what better way to welcome it than with festive décor and setting up your house with Christmas lights. 

In your childhood or adult life, we all remember the one house in the neighborhood that was always decked out with Christmas lights, intricate designs, festive signs and maybe even a Santa up on the roof. But what about the non-do it yourselfers?

What size bulb should you buy? How do I wrap a tree or line a roof with lights? What’s the easiest technique so my abilities are not over extended? 

This Christmas Light Guide, and with these quick, easy steps, our goal is to ensure that your experience with Christmas lights is a positive one.

Step 1: Choosing a Bulb

The basic light set up for an outdoor winter wonderland ordinarily consist of C9 LED lights, these are generally used for outlining roofs, doors, or for your outdoor trees. They are larger than the traditional Christmas light bulbs and last longer than most (See details below).


– LED’s use up to 92% less energy, give off little or no heat and allow longer runs

 – Save in both energy, maintenance and replacement cost – lasting up to 50,000 hours

– Durable

Another great option for a simple set up consists of using LED Mini Lights, which are great for indoor decoration or outdoor window / wreath lining. Perfect for small places and leave little concern towards burning out (See details below).

LED Mini Lights

  • Long life incandescent commercial grade mini lights that will last up to 2000 hours on average, giving you a longer and brighter festive season
  • Are used for both indoor and outdoor decorations
  • If one bulb fails, the rest stay lit!

Step 2: Setting up your Lights

Once you have your lights on hand, it is time to set them up! But how do the inexperienced hang lights if they have never done it before? Not to worry, there are basic steps to follow when setting up your Christmas lights whether it be outside, inside or along the roof of your house. 

Outdoor Trees

  1. Start at the base.
  2. Begin wrapping with the female end first.
  3. Wrap the lights tightly for a snug fit
  4. Keep lights strings close to the tree to prevent wind and storm damage.

Indoor Trees

  1. Start at the base.
  2. Wrap around the branches instead of draping the lights to hide the wires.
  3. End with the female end on top to make plugging in the tree topper or star a breeze.

Hanging House Lights

  1. Measure before you begin to determine how many strings of lights to use.
  2. Locate where your power source is.
  3. Follow your measurements and hang using light clips.

Step 3: Techniques to Hanging your Lights and Tips a More Efficient Experience 

Some quick and easy tips for hanging lights. 

Keep Your Lights Coiled

To make hanging lights easier, keeping your lights in a coil allows you to be more precise and create less of a mess. Make sure the coil has the female end first and finish with the male end on the outside. Holding the coil in one hand and guiding with the other allows you to go from the base up quickly and efficiently.

Light Timers

The use of Christmas light timers is extremely efficient and can save you money on your electric bill and save energy. Timers are an extremely useful way to keep your Christmas lights burning bright through the festive season

Setting up your Christmas lights should be quick and simple. With these tips and tricks hopefully, you too can bask in the holiday spirit during this wonderful season. Learning techniques that can last you a lifetime.


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